Training Video

Our mission at SmartApps is to produce software training videos that effectively speed up the onboarding process of new users.

You’ve seen them: Jerky, rambling video tutorials that hardly anyone watches till the end. Whether produced on a budget or not, they just don’t seem to generate enough quality leads. There is no better situation when it comes to paysite tutorials either. Whether it's the tone of the voiceover, the pace, the missing details, poor audio quality, the aimless scenes, and all the other stumbling blocks that make the tutorial useless.

Thanks to our narrow specialization on video production of SPARX Systems products and 3rd party extensions, we have the unique opportunity to improve or create brand new professional videos with the right message for the right audience.

Recommended visual styles

Software demo video with screens & captions

Infographics animation

Would you like to know how we work? Take a look at our creative process or check out some of our recent work and ask for a quote.