Our background and experience

We have 7 years experience in delivering training videos and e-learning content, 15 years experience in model-based development and Sparx Enterprise Architect and more than 20 years experience in software and systems engineering.

We are different compared to a regular video production company

Our focus is on training and marketing video production of SPARX Systems products and 3rd party extensions. This gives us the best opportunity improve or create brand new professional videos presenting your products or service in a bright light. This specially applies to EA training tutorials which is nearly impossible do it right without a subject matter expert voiceover artist.

We produce your videos

  • on time

  • on budget

  • free of unwanted surprises

Our company's core values

    1. Transparency - you will always know what you pay for

    2. Efficiency - we use a special video review platform allowing us easily get clear feedback and streamline our review process

    3. Flexibility - you will always be understood by our production team

    4. Take Ownership - returning customer is our priority

We speak two languages

Yes, we speak English and Czech (Česky! ;)

Native speakers proofreading

We cooperate with native speaker copy editors to make sure that our scripts are using correct and understandable native language whether it's Czech or English.

We work remotely and worldwide

Close and effective collaboration is critical for working remotely. In order to optimize overheads like travel time and travel expenses we use online communicators (Skype...) for discussing your project requirements and a video review platform.

Certified staff

Our video editors are certified by Camtasia Certification institution proving our knowledge of screencasting and Camtasia. Camtasia is a software suite, created and published by TechSmith, for creating video tutorials and presentations directly via screencast, or via a direct recording plug-in to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Post Processing Software

Our animators, video editors, voiceover artists are all working with genuine software licenses and approved add-ons.

Mic we use for recording voiceover
Our workspace
Screenshots of our editing software
Bob Hruska Camtasia certification

Would you like to know how we work? Take a look at our creative process or check out some of our work and ask for a quote.